FREE Water Quality Sampling and Analysis – Kauai and Oahu farmers.

Aloha Farmers!

As a direct result of the partnership between Hawaii Agriculture Research Center, North Shore EVP, and the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, FREE water quality sampling and analysis is available to all Kauai and Oahu farmers. These samples are imperative in meeting current FSMA Water quality standards, which require up to four years of water quality results in order to create a microbial water quality profile (MWQP). The MWQP requires water quality tests indicating levels of E. Coli and general Coliforms in 4 or more samples for ground water sources and 20 or more samples for surface water sources. Due to the high number of required samples within the 4 year period we suggest you take immediate action to determine your water quality. 

Please take advantage of this FREE opportunity to test your agricultural water, as it will only be available for a limited time. To request a water quality sample on your farm please contact Lisa Rhoden (Kauai), 808-343-8196 or Lily Nugent (Oahu), 831-706-7713. 


North Shore EVP