About North Shore Economic Vitality Partnership

The North Shore Economic Vitality Partnership (North Shore EVP), was formed in 2015 as a result of a comprehensive, community-based economic analysis that included the identification of regional opportunities and the formation of Action Teams around each opportunity. We learned that for these Action Teams to be successful they needed organizational and administrative support, strategic planning assistance and fundraising expertise and guidance. North Shore EVP, as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, will work with these community leaders to analyze their projects and develop realistic strategic plans that will bring them to fruition. North Shore EVP is uniquely positioned to build new civic leadership, strengthen communication and collaboration, and community engagement across O’ahu’s North Shore.

GroupGAP Farmer Training Course: Recruiting NOW!

North Shore EVP is an officially recognized USDA GroupGAP Partnership; the first in Hawai’i!   We prepare farms for Harmonized GAP compliance, and are recruiting NOW for Cohort 3!  Applications are available; call or email Lisa at 808-343-8196, or lisa@nsevp.org.  Completed applications deadline extended to May 20, 2019.

The course includes:

  • Instruction on Good Agricultural Practices in a class setting with other farmers or interactive online attendance options for those in remote areas or unable to travel;
  • Farm food safety assessment: we come to your farm to assist & work with you on an individual basis to create a customized Farm Food Safety Plan for your farm’s future!
  • Quality Management System manuals & guidelines for you & your employees
  • Harmonized GAP Certification through our affordable USDA GroupGAP Program
HAWAI‘I FARMERS, you may wish to join a future cohort if:
  • You are looking to expand your farm production, but you’re not sure where to start,
  • You are interested in becoming Food Safety Certified,
  • You need to prepare for FMSA compliance,
  • You are eager to access new markets & increase your sales.

If you have questions about our program or how you can join a future cohort, please contact our Food Safety Director Lisa Rhoden at: lisa@nsevp.org or (808) 343-8196.

Developing A Shared Agenda

The Developing A Shared Agenda economic analysis of the North Shore region and the subsequent engagement of key members of the regional agriculture community led to the identification of a Food Hub and Learning Center (FHLC) as critical infrastructure required to support the growth and sustainability of small farms.

Our mission is to improve communication, networking and civic and civil engagement across the communities of the North Shore. We promote community-driven solutions that integrate both our traditional strengths in agriculture, manufacturing and hospitality with new opportunities to build a strong and resilient economic foundation for the region.

Our vision for the North Shore is to enhance economic vitality by using and integrating existing assets, including people, to generate new jobs and new economic opportunities that will contribute to the growth and sustainability of healthy and vibrant communities. We believe economic growth from within our communities can improve our quality of life, protect the environment, and preserve the rural character and cultural significance of the North Shore region.

You are invited to examine our work and submit your own comments and ideas about the future of the North Shore.

Support the NSEVP

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