Developing a Shared Agenda

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Developing a Shared Agenda


The Developing a Shared Agenda project consisted of an economic analysis of the North Shore region and public outreach to share the results and identify new opportunities in the region for economic growth. Here we present an in-depth examination of future opportunities in both the North Shore Experience (tourism and retail) and Sustainable Agriculture & Working Landscapes (Agriculture and Land Use) industry clusters, while also examining how an emerging concentration of Professional & Technical Services fits into a regional action plan. One of the key discoveries from our research and community discussions is how intertwined our region’s clusters are. The North Shore Experience cluster would not attract the number of visitors that it does without the stunning backdrop of our beaches, mountains and open spaces. Both the Sustainable Agriculture & Working Landscapes cluster and the North Shore Experience cluster share a commitment to maintaining the beauty of the land, while connecting and incorporating regional assets to support and grow the local economy.

A coordinated effort to support these dynamic clusters aligns with broader regional priorities: respecting the land, maintaining the heritage and culture of our region, and enhancing community well-being and economic prosperity. Please use the links at the top of this page to explore the Developing A Shared Agenda project and outcomes.



The North Shore Economic Vitality Partnership includes the following individuals as well as nearly 100 business and community leaders who participated in the Clusters of Opportunity project. We thank you all for your service.


Kevin Kelly, Chair

University of Hawaiʻi
North Shore Community Resident

Susan Matsushima

Alluvion, Inc.
North Shore Chamber of Commerce

Larry Jefts

Farmer, Sugarland Growers

John Morgan

Kualoa Ranch

Marty Thomas

Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing 

Project Stewards:

Doug Cole

North Shore Community Land Trust 

Kathleen M. Pahinui

Morris Visitor Publications
North Shore Neighborhood Board
North Shore Chamber Board

Danna Holck

Turtle Bay Resort
North Shore Chamber Board

Michael Moser

Windward Community College

Antya Miller

North Shore Chamber of Commerce

Lee Sichter

Lee Sichter LLC

Kalani Fronda

The Kamehameha Schools

Carolyn Unser


Ron Weidenbach

Hawaiʻi Fish Company

The research was conducted and reports prepared by Collaborative Economics, Inc. Collaborative Economics works with senior executives from business, foundations, government, education and community sectors – helping them create breakthroughs in how people think and act regarding their region. Collaborative Economics’ clients have the passion, vision and commitment to blaze a new pathway for their community. They understand that a new kind of leadership is required to create great places, with thriving economies and world-class quality of life.

Kim Held – Project Manager
Clare Brown – Database Manager

Bridget Gibbons – Designer
Francie Genz

Doug Henton
John Melville

Special recognition goes to Lisa Gibson of Honolulu-based Rising Tide Economics for her project management, fund raising and administrative support throughout the project.

Our Process


North Shore communities want to understand the dynamic economic landscape of the region and engage in activities that build on traditional industries of agriculture and tourism, while creating new economic opportunities utilizing the existing assets of the region. Development of an economic plan is focused on identifying regionally appropriate areas that preserve these unique natural assets, while also bolstering the economy to create jobs for residents.

Towards these ends funds were raised to engage Collaborative Economics to develop the North Shore Cluster Assessment Report based on analysis of New Economy Time Series (NETS) data. The report identifies three clusters of opportunity that drive the region’s economy and serves as a foundational document for region’s Economic Strategy Plan. One of the key discoveries from both research and discussions with local business leaders is how intertwined our region’s clusters are. The North Shore Experience cluster would not attract the number of visitors that it does without the stunning backdrop that the natural land provides. Both the Sustainable Agriculture & Working Landscapes cluster and the North Shore Experience cluster share a commitment to maintaining the beauty of the land, while incorporating these assets to support and grow the local economy. Two clusters, The North Shore Experience and Sustainable Agriculture & Working Landscapes , were explored in depth as they were responsible for 43% of the job growth in the region between 2001 and 2011.

Business leaders within these sectors convened and participated in meetings to determine opportunities and requirements for future growth within the three clusters. The groups focused on identifying regionally appropriate opportunities that preserve the unique natural assets of the region, while also bolstering the economy to create jobs for residents. Convergence across these industries was recognized and four steps for action were identified.

  • Launching a “Did You Know?” Campaign to tell the story of today’s agriculture on the North Shore
  • Developing a Regional Brand that distinguishes North Shore businesses and products from the rest of Hawaii
  • Organizing an Infrastructure Action Committee to assist in the resolution of traffic issues affecting the North Shore
  • Creating an Ag Learning Center/Food Hub for small farmers and ag-tourism

In November 2013 at a final meeting of the four action teams participants shared their progress, integrated their activities and further detailed implementation steps for the success of their action plans. From there it will be the determination and perseverance of the action team members with the support of the North Shore Economic Vitality Partnership and the broader community to shepherd the progress of these action items.



Clusters of opportunity are sectors of the economy identified by growth in one or more areas:

  • Value: the sector brings wealth to the region
  • Jobs: the sector has experienced strong short-term or long-term employment growth
  • Wages: the average wages for the sector are high-value and increasing

The clusters drive economic vitality, generating jobs and wages for residents and expanding purchases of products and services from local suppliers, all resulting in a positive ripple effect to create benefits for every community in the region. The clusters also generate tax revenues that fuel local public services and support a better quality of life for local residents. The clusters, if innovative, competitive, and healthy, will drive the economic prosperity of the North Shore.

Button - Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture & Working Landscapes includes grocery stores, markets, florists, caterers, specialty restaurants, food processing, farming, veterinary services, agricultural support, marinas, aquaculture, film production companies, ranches, environmental and wildlife groups, urban and rural planning and development, conservation programs and resource management.

Button - North Shore Experience

North Shore Experience contains museums, recreational tours, uniquely Hawai‘i manufacturing,4 clothing and souvenir stores, fashion, artwork, ocean recreation & surfing, accommodation, transportation and travel agencies.

Button - North Shore Experience

Professional & Technical Services is made up of a range of businesses including technical consulting, diagnostic imaging centers, computers, information technology, finance and investment services, communications equipment manufacturing, electronics maintenance and repair, data services and architecture and engineering services.



Promoting economic growth and vitality of the North Shore region and community would not be possible without a strong network of support. North Shore EVP gives thanks to the following donors whose financial support made this project possible:

The Atherton Family Foundation
The Kamehameha Schools
Mayor’s Office of Economic Development
Turtle Bay Resort
Van’s Triple Crown
Scott Wallace
Sullivan Family of Companies
Kahuku Sugar Mill
Lucky and Marilyn Cole

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs
A Charitable Foundation
Pioneer Seed
Kualoa Ranch
Kua Aina Burgers
Sterman Realty
Hiipaka LLC/Waimea Valley
Sugarland Growers



Four reports were produced during the course of the Developing a Shared Agenda process that track the project in detail. Here is the order in which the reports were produced and the subject area of each report.

The Phase I Cluster Assessment Report focuses on analysis of regional economic data and provides a starting point for community engagement and discussion.

In the Phase II Cluster Opportunities report you will learn about community and industry leaders coming together to identify economic opportunities in the North Shore region based on discussions and brainstorming around the the Phase I economic data.

The Draft Action Plan refines the previously identified cluster opportunities into a draft action plan. The action plan was used to form Action Teams of engaged residents and businesses around each key opportunity.

The final Summary Document provides a comprehensive review of the process and contains details about the our regional clusters and the Action Teams.

Click on any of the North Shore’s Economic Vitality Partnership reports below to read them in their entirety.