Developing a Shared Agenda

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In 2012 a coalition of individuals and organizations on the North Shore joined together to support this project because they are committed to the vision of economic vitality in this special region.  Here we present an in-depth examination of future opportunities in both the North Shore Experience (tourism and retail) and Sustainable Agriculture & Working Landscapes (Agriculture and Land Use) industry clusters, while also examining how an emerging concentration of Professional & Technical Services fits into a regional action plan. One of the key discoveries from our research and community discussions is how intertwined our region’s clusters are. The North Shore Experience cluster would not attract the number of visitors that it does without the stunning backdrop of our beaches, mountains and open spaces. Both the Sustainable Agriculture & Working Landscapes cluster and the North Shore Experience cluster share a commitment to maintaining the beauty of the land, while connecting and incorporating regional assets to support and grow the local economy.

A coordinated effort to support these dynamic clusters aligns with broader regional priorities: respecting the land, maintaining the heritage and culture of our region, and enhancing community well-being and economic prosperity.  Please use the links at the top of this page to explore the Developing A Shared Agenda project and outcomes.