North Shore EVP is focused on driving civic and civil leadership on the North Shore.  Through analysis of regional economic data, we engage the community to identify opportunities that can contribute to economic growth and the creation of new jobs from existing assets and resources. All of our projects are community-driven and are sensitive to our quality of life and environmental and cultural values.

Developing A Shared Agenda

The Developing A Shared Agenda economic analysis of the North Shore region and the subsequent engagement of key members of the regional agriculture community led to the identification of a Food Hub and Learning Center (FHLC) as the critical infrastructure required to support the growth and sustainability of small farms.

Our mission is to improve communication, networking and civic and civil engagement across the communities of the North Shore. We promote community-driven solutions that integrate both our traditional strengths in agriculture, manufacturing, and hospitality with new opportunities to build a strong and resilient economic foundation for the region.

Our vision for the North Shore is to enhance economic vitality by using and integrating existing assets, including people, to generate new jobs and new economic opportunities that will contribute to the growth and sustainability of healthy and vibrant communities. We believe economic growth from within our communities can improve our quality of life, protect the environment, and preserve the rural character and cultural significance of the North Shore region.

You are invited to examine our work and submit your own comments and ideas about the future of the North Shore.

Current Projects

Group GAP Food Safety Program: In planning for the FHLC we identified the Food Safety & Modernization Act (FSMA) as a significant barrier that would prevent products from most small North Shore farms to be sold to larger, institutional markets that require food safety certification.  This first-in-the-state USDA program will create a network of food safety certified farms that concentrate on growing food and creating new farm jobs.  Farmers participating in this program will be able to access new and larger markets by selling their products to the Food Hub and will have a competitive advantage over other farmers servicing Farmer’s Markets and restaurants.

Food Hub & Learning Center (FHLC): was identified as a critical project in the 2013 Developing a Shared Agenda project.  The community overwhelming supports North Shore agriculture, however critical components of the agriculture supply chain currently do not exist in the region.  Without access to aggregation and packing facilities, refrigeration, and marketing and delivery services, North Shore farmers must each clean, pack, sell and distribute their own products.  These activities are expensive and time-consuming and result in less than optimal production on the farm. The goal of the FHLC is to increase the regional production of food for local consumption and create new jobs in agriculture and ag-tourism.

Past Projects

Developing a Shared Agenda:  North Shore EVP was formed in response to the 2013 Developing a Shared Agenda project.  This initial effort to examine the economy of the North Shore provided baseline data and ideas for projects to improve the economy of our region and engage a new generation of civic leaders.

If you have ideas about projects that align with the mission of North Shore EVP, get engaged and drop us a line.