Project Focus

Our projects are focused on implementing a strategy of installing food aggregation facilities that buy from small and midsized farms and aggregate that production to sell to larger institutional, commercial markets. Our three-prong strategy of farmer food safety training and certification, development of food hubs and opening new markets for North Shore farmers will ensure that agriculture remains as a key component of the region’s economy.

What can we do for you?

North Shore EVP is focused on driving civic and civil leadership on the North Shore. Through analysis of regional economic data, we engage the community to identify opportunities that can contribute to economic growth and the creation of new jobs from existing assets and resources. All of our projects are community-driven and are sensitive to our quality of life and environmental and cultural values. Do you have an idea for a project we would be interested in? Drop us a line!

Current Projects

Hawaii GroupGAP: Neighbor Island Farmer Training and New Market Access Workshop

The Hawaii GroupGAP: Neighbor Island Farmer Training & New Market Access Workshop Project is focused on expanding our USDA GroupGAP Program statewide so that farms beyond Oahu can lower the cost of obtaining their Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we shifted the hands-on workshops and in person demonstrations originally proposed, and focused our efforts on adopting digital record keeping system with a small pilot program of Oahu based farms.

Current Projects - USDA GroupGAP

USDA GroupGAP Food Safety Certification Program

In planning for a regional food aggregation facility (food hub) we identified the Food Safety & Modernization Act (FSMA) as a significant barrier that would prevent products from most small North Shore farms to be sold to larger, institutional markets that require food safety certification. This first-in-the-state USDA program is creating a network of food safety certified farms that concentrate on growing food and creating new farm jobs. Farmers participating in this program are beginning to access new and more stable markets. The planned Food Hub will combine the production of many small farms to service larger institutional markets in the region thereby giving local farms access to larger local markets.

Food Hub & Learning Center (FHLC)

A regional food aggregation facility was identified in the 2013 Developing a Shared Agenda project as critical missing infrastructure in the agricultural supply chain on the North Shore. In addition to providing aggregation and packing services, refrigeration, and marketing and delivery services to North Shore farmers the FHLC will serve as an agricultural resource to the entire community.

Current Projects - Food Hub & Learning Center (FHLC)

Let’s Get Started

If you have ideas about projects that align with the mission of North Shore EVP, get engaged and drop us a line.

Past Projects

Safe & Stable Kauai Farms Initiative

The Safe and Stable Kauai Farms Initiative, funded by the County of Kauai CARES Act, is a project of North Shore EVP, Mālama Kaua‘i, and CTAHR Cooperative Extension Service. The cohort of 40 participating fruit and vegetableproducers attended a 3-day Produce Safety Alliance (PSA) Grower Training,receiving their certificate of completion for the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requiredtraining. After the on-site farm assessments is a grant program, which is providing each farm $5,250 tospend on those needed upgrades for food safety, technology, and business needs. The funds areintended to help their farms become safer and open up new business opportunities.The final stage of the project is advanced workshops from North Shore EVP this fall on topics suchas infrastructure, recordkeeping, employee training, and a Worker Protections Standard (WPS)certification.

Oahu Safe Farms Initiative

The Oahu Safe Farms Initiative is an abbreviated version of the Kauai program funded by the Hawaii Community Foundation by the City & County of Honolulu CARES Act. The project will reach up to 30 Oahu farms and will include on farm inspections, water testing, advanced workshops from North Shore EVP this fall on topics suchas infrastructure, recordkeeping, employee training, and a Worker Protections Standard (WPS)certification and on-farm upgrades for food safety, technology, and business needs up to $5,000.

Developing A Shared Agenda

In 2012 a coalition of individuals and organizations committed to the vision of economic vitality of the North Shore joined together to support a first ever regional economic analysis. This project provided an in-depth examination of future opportunities in both the North Shore Experience (tourism and retail) and Sustainable Agriculture & Working Landscapes (Agriculture and Land Use) industry clusters, while also examining how an emerging concentration of Professional & Technical Services fits into a regional action plan.

One of the key discoveries from our research and community discussions is how intertwined our region’s clusters are. The North Shore Experience cluster would not attract the number of visitors that it does without the stunning backdrop of our beaches, mountains and open spaces. Both the Sustainable Agriculture & Working Landscapes cluster and the North Shore Experience cluster share a commitment to maintaining the beauty of the land, while connecting and incorporating regional assets to support and grow the local economy.

Free Ag. Water Testing for Hawaii Island Farmers

The Free Ag. Water Testing Project for Hawaii Island Farmers conducted water sample analysis for farmers on Kauai and Oahu. This project was supported by the Hawaii Agriculture Research Center and the Hawaii Farm Bureau.

HI Superfoods Project

The Hawaii Superfoods Project will increase access and awareness of Hawaii specialty crops throughout the state by educating the public on the availability of Hawaii specialty crops that possess exceptional nutritional value. Superfoods are defined as a nutrient rich food considered to be especially good fir health and well-being. Through this project we are partnering with local growers and CSA’s to promote a variety of Hawaii’s superfoods though consumer outreach and social media campaigns.