Partners, Sponsors & Participating Farms

North Shore EVP is supported by a growing network of community partners and sponsors!

Program Sponsors:


Program Sponsor - Y. Hata & Co.
Program Sponsor - Ola Brew
Program Sponsor - Turtle Bay
Program Sponsor - Shaka Tea
Program Sponsor - Turtle Bay
Program Sponsor - Turtle Bay
Program Sponsor - Turtle Bay
Program Sponsor - Turtle Bay
Program Sponsor - Turtle Bay
Program Sponsor - Turtle Bay
Program Sponsor - Turtle Bay

Program Partners:


Program Partner - GoFarm Hawaii
Program Partner - NSCLT
Program Partner - MI GroupGAP Network
Program Partner - Up in Farms
Program Partner - Hawaii SBDC
Program Partner - Wallace Center
Program Partner - HFUU
Program Partner - UH Cooperative Extension
Farm Partner - Twin Bridge Farms
Program Partner - Oahu Resource Conservation & Development Council
Program Partner - Pono Pacific
Program Partner - The Kohala Center
Program Partner - Pacific Gateway Center
Program Partner - Hawaii Agriculture Research Center

Member Farms:


Certified Member Farms

Member Farm - Sunrise Herbs
About Sunrise Herbs...

Stepping onto Sunrise Herbs Farm on Oahu's North Shore, you are immediately surrounded by the characteristic smell of basil. Bright green leaves capture the eye's attention as you take in the precisely planted 6 acres. With only 2 full time workers, you might think Sunrise Herbs caters to farmers' market customers, but this small farm is actually an export powerhouse! Owner Jerry Jia has been farming for just over 4 years in quiet Laie, and is now an up-and-coming Italian basil distributor. Jerry is a first-generation farmer and says food safety is important to his operation because it helps to prevent the risks of health related conditions such as allergies and food-borne illnesses. Jerry's basil is exported to restaurants and other buyers on the east coast. Not surprisingly, Jerry 's favorite meal is salad.

Farms Working Towards Certification

HIP Kohala Food Hub
About Hip Agriculture...

The Hawaii Institute of Pacific Agriculture (HIP Agriculture) is located in North Kohala, on the Big Island. HIP Ag. Cultivates a diverse collection of Polynesian crops and operates as an educational site offering sustainable agriculture courses, youth programming, community workshops and events. HIP Ag. Is currently working towards GroupGAP certification with North Shore EVP for their Kohala Food Hub.

Farm Partner - Hawaii Fish Co.
About Hawaii Fish Co...

Hawaii Fish Co. located in Wailua, Oahu is owned and operated by Ron and Lita Weidenbach. Hawaii Fish Co. is passionate about using innovative and sustainable farming technologies, and hopes to inspire more environmentally and economically sustainable agribusinesses across Hawaii. While their aquaponics produce is not yet available for purchase, Hawaii Fish Co. is
currently preparing for Harmonized GAP certification through North Shore EVP’s GroupGAP program and hope you will see their products in stores and markets soon!

Hartung Brothers
About Hartung Brothers...

Hartung Brothers is an agri-business based in the U.S. mainland, owned and operated by Hartung Brothers Incorporated. With acreage on the west side of Kauai island, the farm grows soybeans, corn, alfalfa, cover crop, as well as produce for local sale, including watermelon, pumpkins and winter squash. Mark Bonger, the Farm Operations Lead at Hartung has been part of the farming community since he was a child and is passionate about creating sustainable growth agriculture in Hawaii. Hartung has been working with North Shore EVP, working towards GAP certification and has recently passed their internal audit.

Hooah Farms Logo
About Hooah Farms...

Hooah Farms, located in Kahuku, is an aquaponics farm owned and operated by husband and wife Simeon and Kathrine Rojas. Hooah Farms grows a variety of delicious leafy greens that can be found at local retailers on Oahu including Down To Earth and Kokua Market. Hooah Farms has been working with North Shore EVP since 2020 and is currently preparing for Harmonized GAP certification through North Shore EVP’s GroupGAP program.

Past Partners:


Past Partner - AgriLogic Consulting
Program Partner - Smart Yields