Flyer for Hawaii GroupGAP Program Informational Webinar by North Shore Economic Vitality Partnership

Hawaii GroupGAP Program Informational Webinar (Mandarin)

Hawaii GroupGAP Program Informational Webinar (Mandarin)

Learn about the Hawaii GroupGAP program, a USDA certified food safety program.

  • What is Harmonized GAP? What is GroupGAP?
  • Food Safety in Hawaii:
  • Hawaii GroupGAP at a glance
  • Translation and Interpretation Resources
  • Selection Process and Next Steps
  • Q & A

● Harmonized GAP是什么? GroupGAP是什么?
● 夏威夷食品安全: 见解/概况/解决方案
● 夏威夷GroupGAP概览
● 翻译与口译资源
● 选择过程及下一步
● 问答环节

This webinar will be presented in Mandarin with an interpreter present to assist with questions. Talk with North Shore EVPʻs food safety staff about: What does Harmonized GAP mean and how can your farm achieve HGAP certification, How can HGAP certification benefit your operation, When is the next cohort training program and how can you apply, What is the process and what does the program do for you? Learn about digital record keeping available to streamline your data collection and hear from farmers who have achieved certification with our help! Funding for this event was provided by the National Institute for Food and Agriculture, USDA.

This webinar will take place via Zoom, registration is required. To register go to:

For more information or questions on registration, please contact: Lisa Rhoden, Food Safety Director; (808) 343-8196 /